Saturday, January 1, 2011

A First Time for Everything

I've just finished watching the Inaugural ceremony in Lansing.  I do not remember ever watching any inauguration before, whether at the State or Federal level.  I've never been into the pomp and circumstance of these events.  I have several invitations to these events stashed away in a drawer, including this year's.

I had the radio on and they said they would be covering it so I switched to the TV.  I found it interesting.  The fact the Mayor Bing was the 'emcee' gave me hope.  The talk of cooperation and vision, ditto.  The understanding that government is not the answer to our problems, but that we ourselves are.  Real jobs and growth are produced by business, not government.  (Clue:  If you think government should run like a business, elect a businessman, not an attorney, to run it.  And if you do elect an attorney, make sure they know how to appoint competent people.)

I have a friend who is not from this area.  He located here after a business transfer.  We met soon after and after more time here he said he noticed that people in this area tend to 'dummy down' to the lowest common denominator.  I do not disagree.  The way out of this mess is to increase out expectations of ourselves and our children.  I have hopes our new leaders can do just that.  I'm psyched.

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