Saturday, January 15, 2011

Could be Worse?

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who also has spent many years in the public sector of employment.  They inquired as to what I knew about a fisticuffs in Plymouth Township.  Well, though I know the Treasurer there, I had heard nothing, being out of the loop on many 'gossipy' things in other communities.

So, I googled and found that she was right.  There may have been a knock-down in July involving the Clerk and Treasurer.  Right in the Township Hall!  Geez. 

Earlier yesterday I had an inquiry about Township Treasurers and their bond requirements.  Seems the Treasurer in Redford cannot obtain the required bond to collect taxes.  Bonds were also denied to Detroit, Ecorse and Highland Park.  The State law says that if you cannot obtain the bond, the taxes must be turned over to the County Treasurer for collection.  MCL 211.51 says: (1) If a township treasurer does not file his or her bond with the county treasurer as prescribed by law and the township board fails to appoint a treasurer to give the bond and deliver a receipt for the bond to the supervisor by December 10, the supervisor shall deliver the tax roll with the necessary warrant directed to the county treasurer, who shall make the collection and return of taxes.

I guess that things in West Bloomfield could be worse, but I would hope not.

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