Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Extending the Rule

Anyone who has rad this blog from the beginning may remember me talking bout my '50 page rule'.  That is the one where if I am not into a book by page 50, I stop reading it.

Well, I am returning my latest endeavor to the library. "Fall of Giants".  Having made it to page 386 out of more than 1,000, I am done.  Why so long?  Well, it is not that it isn't interesting, it is just that it is not compelling enough to continue. 

World War I has started.  Finally.  I already know how that turns out.  As for the characters, I have only found one that catches my interest and she has little of a role in the story at this point. 

If I wanted to know all about the political and war strategies, I would read a good non-fiction book on the subject.  If I want to read about the Russians, I'll read Tolstoy. 

The next book in the series is supposed to deal with World War II.  With the same characters, I can probably pick it up and not miss a thing.

While the novel has received fairly good reviews, I will set it aside and move on.  It's already way past my rule.

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