Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This could give you an ulcer

At nine o'clock this morning I logged on my computer and starting looking at the Township Board meeting of Monday night.  I am sitting here waiting for them to swear in the new Police Chief. 

The meeting ran 208 minutes.  I have now watched for 334 minutes. 

I have to just stop and walk away.  Were we this bad?  If so, it must be why I decided to leave. 

OMG, I find I cannot listen to the Supervisor pontificate.  I am sick of hearing her say she does everything by the book.  It must be some comic book about evil forces. 

At least when they got to the end, they swore in the right man as Chief. Now these  folks need to drop their lawsuit and move forward.  I for one am truly sick of it.

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