Monday, October 4, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

In a few minutes another episode in the continuing drama known as the West Bloomfield Township Board Meeting will begin.  I will not be in attendance, nor will I be watching on TV.  On the advice of several friends, I am trying to maintain my sanity.  Now this is despite a call I received telling me that a certain person said I would be in attendance.  I have no idea why they thought that since I never speak to them, not do I know anyone in their circle, but whatever.  I will not be a presence.

I keep thinking they can't get any worse (for clarification, the culprits here are Economou-Ureste, Weingarden, and Kaplan, hereafter referred to as UWK, pronounced Ugh).  But now we have UWK suing the other Board members. 

So, if I understand UWK correctly, the Supervisor serves as all supreme ruler of West Bloomfield and the Board only votes to confirm what she wants to do.  I believe that in Washington and Russia they call these people Czars.  And we know what happened to the Romanovs.

One wonders why we would even have board meetings to vote on township employee matters if the supervisor is the only one who can make hiring and firing decisions, negotiate contracts and set policy.  I guess the boards I sat on for over twenty years were doing everything wrong.

I remember that when the police chief was appointed 20 years ago, he was not the choice of the supervisor.  She had another candidate in mind.  I have not bothered to look up the old minutes, but I think it would be interesting to see who made the nomination.

This supervisor is totally inept, IMHO.  Seems that her strings are being pulled by the trustee, who I hear spends a lot of time in Town Hall.  Does he not have a job in Macomb County?  As for the third member of the triumvirate, she says her skills are in working with people.  Anyone know if Wal-Mart needs another greeter?

Do we really have to wait two more years to replace them?  Could they just do us all a favor and resign?  I may be home tonight, but that does not mean I have not had phone calls, emails and drop bys asking me to attend.  I'm curling up with a good book.  Though nothing as crazy at what goes on over at town hall.

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