Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes You Just Gotta be that Way

While it seems like only yesterday, it was one year ago that Rep. Joe Wilson yelled 'You lie!' at the President.  An article in today's Detroit News by Nolan Finley is titled 'On Obamacare, Wilson was Rude but Right'.  Thank you Mr. Finley.

When I first heard the report last year, I thought that sometimes you just get so frustrated you have to shout it out.  Somehow, in our world of political correctness, many folk are afraid to speak their mind lest someone trash them for doing so.

I understand the frustration.  I had a reputation in college and in my first profession for being a bit of a hot-head and rabble-rouser.  I, of course, see nothing wrong with that.  And if you enter politics as Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Nice Girl, you will likely be trampled by someone who sees an easy target.

What I really found interesting about Rep. Wilson's outburst was that the same thing had occurred at a Township Board meeting in the early 90's.  I do not remember the exact issue being discussed, but I do remember the exchange. 

The Supervisor at the time was making one of her well-crafted speeches.  It had something to do with Town Hall and employees.  I remember that because it was an employee who stood up on the issue and told the Supervisor that she was a liar.  No mincing of words, she called her a liar.

The employee was correct in her assessment.  The Supervisor was distorting the facts.  It is what politicians do, so I guess we have to give her that.  But what was a frustrated, non-unionized employee to do other than take the opportunity at a public meeting where the issue was being discussed?  And at that point, the last thing they are thinking about is how others might interpret their actions.

Did I think she owed the Supervisor an apology?  No.  We as elected leaders have to earn respect by performing our job.  We do not earn it at the ballot box, even if we get 100% of the vote.  All we get there is opportunity.  We would do well to remember that.

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