Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stealth Meetings

Way back on May 25th I wrote about the August Primary election.  I did so in response to a Township Trustee saying that the Library did not want to be accused of holding a 'stealth election'.  Excuuuuse me???  I gave him a piece of my mind about ones duty to vote and that this was a regularly scheduled election. 

Today, August 10th, the West Bloomfield Township Board will hold a meeting at 12:15PM to approve language for a millage INCREASE.  Talk about stealth!  A neighbor asked me last night why there was no Board meeting on TV.  I explained about today's meeting.  They asked if it was being televised and I said I honestly did not know, but that I have a medical appointment and will miss it either way.  Now, how much more 'stealth' can you get?

The Board has already split on asking for an increase and I again find myself siding with the minority who did not vote to place this on the ballot.  Why you ask?  Well, how about some contract concessions from the Public Safety unions?  It is well known that I had been asking for concessions but getting nowhere during my stay in office. 

The fact is (supported by the audit reports) that the cost of public safety exceeds the tax revenue taken in.  Not just the public safety millage revenue, but ALL property tax revenue.  In 2009, tax revenue was $27,904,288.  The cost of Public Safety was $30,364,311.  This has gone on for as long as I can remember.  It is why I supported a dedicated millage for public safety ONLY, with NO general fund revenue supporting the departments.  Here is your budget, live with it.

West Bloomfield Trustees need to figure out where to make cuts.  The unions need to cooperate and modify some of their benefits.  All other employees at Town Hall and Water and Sewer have sacrificed.  Until I see that happen, I cannot support any increased millage.

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