Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Day After the Night Before

I do not know what a 'hangover' feels like, but I imagine it must feel somewhat like I feel this morning.  Or maybe it is just 'old age' catching up with me.  Yesterday was a very long day. 

I was up early to work at my local precinct thanking voters for supporting the West Bloomfield Library.  Since we won almost 85% of the vote, maybe I could have slept in?  Oh well, I always used to joke that I would have plenty of time to sleep when I was dead, but I was much younger then.

Once I left the polls (and thank goodness it was overcast in the morning), it was home to breakfast and a shower.  I had some errands to run before I headed downtown to the WDIV studios for the webcast.  So much for hurrying.  The station was running behind schedule and my interview was one-hour late.  Not a big deal except that I was scheduled to work in the library's Friendshop at 5:30 and I was worried about getting stuck in traffic.  Luckily, I got there right at 5:30.

We were open til 8 and the Library Director, Clara Bohrer, sat with me as we talked to many visitors who came to vote and realized for the first time that we had a used-book shop .  And then it was closing time both for the shop and the polls.

We went over to Town Hall to wait for returns.  The results were being posted on the County site and we were way ahead on the positive side, but we wanted to see the absentee votes.  Tired of being on my feet for so long, I bade everyone a 'good night' around 10 and headed home.  I logged on to the website, but not seeing anything change significantly by 11:30, I called it a night. 

My internal clock woke me up at 6:30 and usually I can function on seven hours sleep, but I think the anxiety of the day before drained all my reserves, for today I feel like I pulled one of those college 'all-night study sessions'.  I am beat!  Thank goodness I have nothing scheduled before four this afternoon.  I think a noon nap is in order.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who supported us.  We have a wonderful facility that you can use seven days a week.  It is not something you pay for in case you need it someday.  If you haven't visited either facility, check it out online, and then visit it in person.  You'll be glad you did!

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