Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pet Peeves

My first job was for the JL Hudson Company in Downtown Detroit.  The greatest part of my time there was spent working in the Bridal Salon on the 7th floor where all the fashionable designer labels were sold, attached to clothes I could not afford.  Everyone who worked at Hudson's was required to wear company dictated dress clothes.  That meant men and women were in black, dark brown, or navy suits with white blouses or shirts.  No question who the employees were.  Later, when I got transferred to the Pharmacy, I wore a white lab coat.

When I went to work in the Hospital, at both Detroit General and Hutzel, I wore a white uniform with white shoes.  Every day.  No exceptions.

After my years at home raising my children, I re-entered the work force and bought lots of new suits.  I wore them every day.  Most of the staff people at Town Hall dressed more casually.  Rarely were clerical people seen in suits.  And then they introduced 'casual day'.  What the H---was that?  Aren't these employees already in casual clothes?

Well, obviously not.  Now we had blue jeans, flip-flops, shirts hanging out over our pants (or bermudas), etc.  I asked one of my employees if they came dressed to clean out the basement.  I hated these days.  Sometimes it was downright embarrassing to be there.

Now, as if 'casual days' were not enough, we have 'Bring your pet to work day'.  Imagine my chagrin when I was trying to talk to someone at the counter and dogs were barking up a storm.  I could hardly hear myself think, let alone carry on a conversation.

I thought I had seen it all until I called and was told recently that it was 'Bring your child to work day'.  As a stay-at-home mom for 11 years I can tell you right now that you cannot get a lot done during the day if you are watching your young child, unless you are parking them in front of a TV set. 

So, all of this makes me wonder just how busy and over-worked these employees are if they have time to entertain their dogs and children at work.  This is WORK, not doggie day-care.  And these are my tax dollars being paid to employees to WORK, not baby-sit. 

Nuf said.

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