Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Medical Marijuana Debate

OK.  Let's start by saying I have no opinion on this issue, true for this blogging purpose.  Rather, I have a little story to tell.

Last Saturday I had a get-together for family and friends.  Topics of discussion were all over the place as is likely to happen with a large group of folks.  Some of my neighbors were there and we were discussing the furniture sitting in the driveway of what is certainly the largest home in our subdivision.  We had not seen anyone at the home for several months.

We began by talking about one of the former residents of the home.  The doctor who lived there had lost his medical license for writing prescriptions for controlled substances and then selling them, or so we read in the papers.  That led to a neighbor telling her story of the family. 

Seems she, her husband, and daughter were sitting in their home when they heard the water running outside.  Looking at each other, they wondered who was using the water.  When they looked out the back window, they saw the son from the aforementioned house and his friends emerging from the wooded area behind their home.  The water soon shut off and then the daughter proceeded to walk into the back and investigate.

There she found an aquarium with a healthy crop of marijuana.  The West Bloomfield Police were called and the officer came out and removed the plants and left his business card in its place, informing the owners of the plants to 'give him a call'. 

We were laughing about this incident from probably 15 years ago.  My son said if the father and kids had just waited they could now have set up their own shop for growing and selling their crop legally. 

My how times have changed.

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