Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some things do get found

The story I read today is of a 112 year-old ship that was found at the bottom of Lake Michigan.  That means I still have hope for the earring I think I lost in my driveway.

Now this is not as crazy as it sounds.  In April of 2008 I met my sister and brother-in-law in Ann Arbor to go to the Antiques Show at the Fairgrounds.  I remember deciding when I got ready that Sunday morning not to wear my gold bracelet because I was having trouble with the clasp, even though it had recently been repaired.  We had a great time looking around and I got lucky and didn't buy anything.

When I was getting ready for work on Monday morning, I could not find my bracelet.  I was panicked.  I convinced myself that I must have put it on and lost it at the show.  I even sent an email to the show organizers in the hope that a good Samaritan might have found it and turned it in. 

When I told the staff at work about it, one of them told me not to worry, that it will show up someday.  Right.  I tore my house and car apart when I got home and then gave up looking.  After all, it was just a bracelet.

I am an avid gardener, as you may have discovered from my posts.  Imagine my surprise when I ventured into the garden in fall of 2009 and saw something shiny among the dying flowers.  I reached down and there was my gold bracelet.  Somehow it had lain there all during the prior year summer planting and clean-up in the fall and following spring. 

The clasp must have loosened while I was walking through the garden and I didn't notice that I wasn't wearing it when I took my jewelry off at bedtime.

So, it did miraculously show up.  And perhaps one day I will find my turquoise Zuni bear earring in the front garden some place.

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