Monday, May 10, 2010

Being About Nothing

When I tell anyone I have a blog, the first thing they ask is, 'What is it about?'

If the person is someone I used to work with, they are wondering if I am writing about Township politics.  Hah!  I retired for a reason.  But, I have written several posts about politics (12 at last count), and will again I am sure.

My answer to the query, then, is that this blog is really about nothing in particular.  Think of it as a 'Seinfeld' blog.  I write about whatever 'pops' into my head. 

Sometimes it is about a book I've read, a movie I've seen, or a newspaper article (12 again).  If I write about my family and home (11), I am sure to hear about it.  These areas seem to occupy most of my space and time.  See, no posts about work.  No job. 

It is what retirement is all about.  It has now been eighteen months of pure pleasure.  Oh, I still have my 'committee work' with the Michigan Finance Officers and the Department of Treasury and my volunteering at Henry Ford Hospital and the Library, but I never think of it as 'work' in the sense of a job. 

And while these posts may all be about 'nothing', my life in retirement is really about something very important.  Living.  We all need to learn to do more of it.

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