Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Because I Care"

Michiganians will have two elections this year that could well determine whether our state comes up out of its downward spiral or continues declining.  This blog is not about those election decisions.  Rather it is about voting in the elections.

When it comes to asking for millage increases or renewals, politicians start debating who votes in the elections.  They yell that an issue needs to be on the November ballot because more people vote.  They say that turnout is too low in August to ask such important questions, as if determining the final candidates for public office is not as important.

Well, I ask 'Whose fault is that?'  It is not like the August primary ballot has some 'special qualifier' that says only certain voters get to show up - or request an absentee ballot if they are away on vacation. 

I have always felt that it is the really concerned and sincere voters who show up in August.  They are not willing to wait for someone else to decide who their candidates will be in November.  THEY take part in making the decision.  And because they care, they often decide the fate of millages.  So be it.

When I was discussing the West Bloomfield Library millage renewal with a resident, he told me he always votes in primaries.  He said he does it 'Because I care'.

I think it is a great slogan.  Show that you care and VOTE in August.  Maybe you will not cast a vote in every contested race, or vote on every issue presented, but at least exercise your right to make a choice. 

Vote.  Because you care.

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