Saturday, March 6, 2010

Does it ever End?

The cleaning.  The sorting. The piles. The throw-aways.  No, I am not talking about laundry.  I am talking about all the paper stuff we collect during our lives.

A year and a half ago I had to clean out my work office of 20 years of papers and pictures.  I brought them all home in boxes.  Some of the boxes are still untouched in the basement.

Today I decided to clean out all my personal files.  Actually, if I had not found a fifteen inch pile of old investment documents last month, I probably would not have even started this.  Geez.  The shredding.

So, there I was deciding what appliances I still owned that I needed to keep information on, and what I could toss.  There were birth and death certificates.  Letters my sons received for the "Dean's List", art awards, IQ scores, third grade essays.  And that was just in one closet.  I know there are more boxes in the basement.

At Christmas time, I put together a box of ornaments for my youngest son.  I gave him all the ones I purchased for him when he was younger.  I happened to open one of those basement boxes and found a cut-out of a woman that he made in first grade, circa 1987.  This is his description of me:

My Mother is someone who... is 20 years old, weighs 50 pounds, a good cook, Likes... playing outside in the park, to clean house, Doesn't like... sneaking out cookies, Godzilla.

Well, I guess I was a good cook.  How can you throw away something so precious?

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