Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Political Watchdogs

I don't want to write a blog about politics.  I have had enough of that.  I do want to mention 'watchdogs' of politics and politicians.  No, we are never going to agree with all of what individual commentators and critics have to say.  See my post about 'opinions'.

But there is another group out there who truly are 'watchdogs' and often benefit the public trust (and also themselves by winning Pulitzers for doing a good job).  Think Watergate and Kwame Kilpatrick scandals. 

Not that I am in that category for sure.  I do know a few things about government.  Recently I criticized what I called an inappropriate, and perhaps illegal, expenditure of public funds.   I made my case at a meeting and went home.  A local paper covered the story.

Then I went off on a short trip.  I came home to find a rather nasty note telling me to 'find a new cause and ...work positively to achieve it.'  Too bad the fellow feels that my cause wasn't worthy.

Last night the local TV station came to my door for a quote.  I missed the airing as I was busy watching CSI:Miami (I tried but the item was over when I switched channels).

My reason for keeping an eye on my local community is the same as was posed to Batman who wondered if he should keep up the fight for good vs evil:  'If not you, who?'

As another friend put it so eloquently yesterday:  The ascension to power does not equate to possessing unquestioned authority!

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