Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Life

One of those run around, get things done days.  That was after I got the four inches or so of snow on the driveway.  Not bad since it was light and fluffy.  The sun was out and the winds were low, so I did not freeze.

I received my latest Costco coupons in the mail, so that was one errand to run.  I was waiting for them because they always have a coupon for $10 off TurboTax.  Now I just need my statements.  If I planned this right, I should just about break even when I file.

Going to make some comfort food tomorrow in my slow cooker.  Beef Burgundy.  That meant going out and buying everything I needed.  I am also a recipe tester for Cook's Illustrated, so I picked up what I needed for that also.  Couscous with carrots and pine nuts. 

But that will be after I meet some friends for our once-a-month breakfast where we discuss anything but politics.  More about that on another day.

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