Friday, October 12, 2018

Green River Overlook in Canyonlands

We are now at 6000 above sea level.  It is late afternoon and it is hot.  We have been instructed to carry water at all times and to sip it constantly.  I think I drank more water on this trip than I do in a month at home.


  1. Yes, they are beautiful pictures. I imagine you enjoyed this trip very much.

  2. So very beautiful! When we lived in Santa Fe, we were warned about altitude sickness and to adjust slowly to it (7000 feet). We were warned to drink lots more fluids too.


  3. Hi Denise - extraordinary views ... brilliant to see - and yes I can believe you'd be grateful for a little cloud cover ... cheers Hilary

  4. Very beautiful, especially the first picture. One of my favourites. However, it does look really hot, but still beautiful.

  5. Makes me itchy to go back west. Judy and I once floated and fished down the Green River near Pinedale, Wyoming.

    1. I enjoy rafting. I've been on the Clear Creek in Colorado, Snake River, Rogue River, America River and the Niagara. Would love to get to Dinosaur Nat'l Monument.


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