Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Sixties of the GAR

Mind Invaders - Another one of my 'no clue' novels.

Moby Dick - Of course I know about the book, but I have never read nor do I intend to.  My list is already too long.

One Hundred Years of Solitude - When my cousin's wife was recuperating from tuberculosis in the sanitorium back in 1970, I bought her this novel.  Several years later she returned it to me to read.  I think I donated it to the local library, as I no longer have it.  It is still on my TBR list.

Outlander (series) - I loved the first six books in this series.  Book seven is still on the bookshelf.  It is over 700 pages and I always said it should have been three books in three years and not one book after three years of unpublished books.  I do not think I will ever finish it.

The Picture of Dorian Gray - This is another case where I know the story but have not read the book.

The Pillars of the Earth - When this came out in 1989 everyone I knew was reading it.  Kind of amazing that I did since I was raising the boys full-time, working full-time, and going to grad school.  When did I sleep?

Pride and Prejudice - Love this book and have it on my soon to be obsolete bookshelf.  I think I have seen every movie and TV adaptation too.  Another time, another way of life....

Ready Player One - No clue.

Rebecca - I first fell  in love with the movie and have seen it countless times.  I have the book on the shelf and have read it more than once (which may be why my TBR list is still so long.. re-reads).  I have over the years read most of Daphne Du Maurier and would consider her one of my favorite authors.

Siddhartha - Title is vaguely familiar.  No idea other than that.

Well, at least I have read a number of these when you count the series books.  You?  Any favorites here?


  1. Ready Player One has been on my TBR list for a while (even before the movie came out - which I haven't seen.) It's a dystopian novel, a genre which I've enjoyed for much of my life. I read Siddhartha when I was in college and remember nothing about it. Probably nothing I would read today. Maybe one day I should do a blog on my own "top 15". Very few are on the Great American Read list. Alana

    1. I am asking folks to list their favorites in my last post for this subject.

  2. I liked 100 Years of Solitude, but wasn't crazy about it. Loved The Picture of Dorian Gray when I read it, which was in high school. Thought Pride and Prejudice was decent. Ditto The Pillars of the Earth, though didn't feel a need to read the sequels. Siddhartha I never read. I think of it as a 60s counter-culture classic. There was a movie based on the book that I did see. All about finding a higher truth blah blah.

    1. There are a lot of books I say 'blah, blah' about.

  3. None of these I have read and I'm thinking I probably won't be reading any of them either. Too many books, too little time to get them all in.


    1. That is an understatement. It is one reason I have my 50-page rule. If I am not into the book by page 50, I quit.


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