Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2, 1969 On the Rails Again

We left in the morning to take the train to Nice, France.  Looking at the schedules of today it is at least an 8-9 hour trip.  Ours was longer.

We had no problem going from Barcelona to the French border.  We arrived in Cerbere, France to discover that the train schedules had been changed and we had missed the train for Nice.   We had to take a later train.

I commented that we had another "miserable encounter" with the French.  I also said "They stink!".  No clue as to what the issue was.

We got to the Hotel Trocadero at 24 Rue Paganini at ten o'clock at night.  The hotel is still there but now uses the address on the cross street at its corner.

I spent $7.62 and saw nothing of Nice. 


  1. When I was about 15 I remember visiting Versailles (I think) and it was a stinking hot day and the stink of sweaty garlic was awful. Maybe that's what you meant.

    1. Funny Jo. But I don't think I meant it literally, lol.

  2. Ah! Paganini St. Named after Niccolò Paganini by any chance? Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff is my favorite piece of classic music.

    1. One of my favorites too, but I have no idea how the street got named. He was born in Genoa and played a lot in that area, lived in Paris, so perhaps so.

      There is a Hammond Lake in my community, but I have no idea if those Hammonds are the same as the Hammonds from Indiana where my husband's father was from. The Hammonds here did have a Hammond, IN connection. Who knows?


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