Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Country on the Brink of Going 'Nutso'

Usually now I ignore blogging, for the most part, about a lot of the craziness in this country.  The news has become like a bad soap opera.  A blogger I follow who lives in California was posting about the craziness with people getting upset about someone wearing what they consider part of their 'cultural' identity.

When I first heard the news about the young woman who wore the Chinese dress to her prom and thereby upsetting a young man, I thought it must be a publicity stunt.  Really?  And then when I read the blog post this morning I remembered my Carmen Marc Valvo dress from the 1990's.  All black with the Mandarin collar and side slit and fabulous trapunto stitching

Fashion designers have been copying various styles of every country for decades.  Why the sensitivity?  Do not folks in these countries wear western dress?  Whatever that is?

I swear everyone is just going 'nutso'.  Which is why I do not watch news on television.  What next?  Only Italians can eat spaghetti with meat sauce and no more Chinese food for Christmas?  (See 'A Christmas Story')

Here I am wearing the dress at my 30th class reunion in 1994 with my friend and locker partner from 5th grade through high school.

Thank goodness we had cooler heads back then.


  1. How silly people are getting. If we have to be this PC we're going to end up in a world where there is no sharing of ideas or anything. We'll have stagnation. We need to share.

  2. That brat who was upset by the young lady wearing her traditional dress needs some education about acceptance and open-mindedness. I have worn a Chinese style top when I was a teen and loved it. My mom wore a beautiful top in a blue where she looked beautiful in it. I have a Moroccan outfit that I wore to man6 weddings. People need to lighten up and learn acceptance not prejudice

  3. I liked that picture of you and the dress from your reunion. Really, people are looking for anything and everything these days to be upset about or maybe looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I don't know.....


  4. My own feeling is that there is no shortage of things worth getting angry about, but the dress some teenager wears to the prom isn't one of them.

  5. We get used to both, crazy things and the reactions to them. I'm not happy with the outfits of the ultra religious population where I live, nor with the outfits of the arab girls working at the supermarkets. Not my idea of living in a civilized world, but ..I got used to it.

    The collar of the black dress requires a long shaped neck. It's strange that outfits with such a collar are popular in China and Korea where most people have short neck.


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