Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Collections - Jewelry

Did I mention I am cleaning up my house of 'stuff'?  I said I would do this last year but made little progress.  Now I am determined.  Here are some of the jewelry pieces.  I have listed some of them on eBay.  Whatever doesn't sell is going in the garage sale.  I have little use for jewelry while gardening and playing with Charlie.  How much can I possibly wear if I do go out somewhere?  See anything you like?
Vintage Crown Trifari from the 1960s

Art show ceramic pin and earrings

On the left, a gift I never wore and another ceramic art show purchase.  When I wore suits everyday, these items were great.

Metal and some stone.  Another gift

Metal and stone

A last minute purchase on a vacation when I realized I had forgotten to bring green earrings.

Top left:  Thailand earrings.  Right top and bottom are Silver Forest.  The lower left are another art show purchase
I can't even remember buying these, lol

This necklace was purchased in the 1960's.  A college student, I likely didn't pay more that 10 bucks for it.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it at an antique show for $250.  It is by Whiting and Davis and is offered online for all sorts of ridiculous prices.  In the last 40 years I wore it once - with my punk rock costume in 1988:

More ceramic.  
This is just the tip of my iceberg of stuff big enough to sink a ship, lol.  I have some very nice necklaces that I need to photograph.  Next up I'll show you my hats since Easter is on the way.


  1. Hats? I don't remember the last time I wore a hat - I lie, I used to wear a fur hat when I first came to Canada. As for jewellery, I am in the same boat. I did get rid of a lot of gold when prices were high, but I am still stuck with a lot of stuff. I like that first brooch, pretty. I hardly ever wore brooches though.

    1. I read that brooches have gone out of style. Pity.

  2. If brooches have gone out of style, it’s probably because blazers have, too. Like you, Denise, my work attire was suits all through the 80s and into the 90s. Then I started wearing trousers (with blazers) and never looked back!
    Good luck with the jewelry - I would imagine some crafter would love these - they’re intricate and interesting.
    Looking forward to the hats!

  3. I don't wear either brooches or earrings. Now, rings, necklaces (not heavy ones) or bracelets - they are my "thing", if the bracelets or necklaces have lapses I can manage. There are a lot of pieces I find hard to put on, anymore. Or, bracelets that clank on my desk when I type (and I spend much of my work day on the computer)because the sound drives me crazy. I'm not picky, am I?

    1. If you look closely at the photo of me you will see my charm bracelet. Probably the last time I wore that too. I also have clasps that are hard to manage.

  4. I love brooches and wear them regardless but I know they are not in at the moment. I love necklaces too and they are often out of style but not right now. I do like the green earrings that you bought on a whim. I need to get rid of still too.

  5. What a FUN post! I LOVE seeing things that give you insight into a person's personality and likes and dislikes. (That's 'cause I suck at picking out presents, I think!)

    1. I always end up buying what I would like to have.


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