Monday, March 12, 2018

Parting with my Easter Bonnets

I was always known for wearing hats.  And over the years I have amassed many.  But outside of wearing hats in the garden or when vacationing in the sun, I have little opportunity to wear them.  Last year I went through my closet and seriously looked at each one and questioned the likelihood of ever placing it on my head again.  I now have a closet with hats on shelves waiting to be sold.

I listed many of them on Craigslist, but as of today have not had any inquiries.  I contacted a few resale shops last year, but got nowhere with that either.  Shipping hats is expensive, so sales on eBay are out of the question.  Anyone need an Easter bonnet?

This is closer to the color of the hat above.  That wallpaper is long gone and that chair is going into the garage sale.   

 This hat is a Diahann Carroll and I just had to show the front and back

 Back of hat
 Another back view.  I think I got this for a Kentucky derby party.

This suit was navy and white to match the hat, but you can get an idea of the size.

 This still has the price tag on it.  Bought for a luncheon I never attended.
 This is actually a winter felt hat
 I used to call this my safari hat.  It is one of my many Kokin creations
 I feel like I should be wearing a long flowing dress and strolling in the meadow
Another wonderful floppy straw hat.  
Just looking at them makes me want to go someplace for tea.  But, I still have another closer full of hat boxes, lol.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. The hats and jewelry bring back memories of a time I doubt we will ever return to - When people really dressed for success.

  2. An attractive collection Denise but as you say, you are unlikely to wear them any more unless you get invited to Buck House. As I said, haven't worn hats in years. Don't think I ever wore a hat to work. Weddings always, once upon a time.

    1. I'm sure my invitation is in the mail, lol. In which case I still have a closet full of hats I am keeping.

  3. You wore them well! Not everyone is a "hat person," Denise, but you definitely were. They look beautiful, so I imagine you'll have little trouble finding them a new home.

    1. Thank you. I have seen folks trying on hats in the store and saying they were not a 'hat person'. They were right, unfortunately.

  4. I always think of tea when I think of hats. :D I was born in the wrong decade.

    1. I was born in the 40's, but I should have been older so I could have enjoyed them more.

  5. I never wore hats, but I well remember my parents' generation. My Dad was never without a felt hat outside and my Mom would have loved anyone of those hats. Perhaps you would find a market for these in Macon, Georgia. I remember when I visited that city around 2010 and admired a downtown storefront of a store specializing in "church" dresses - those hats would have been perfect with those dresses. Alana


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