Sunday, February 4, 2018

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Out against Injustice

Too many folks that I know are reluctant or even afraid to voice their opinion, especially when it comes to social issues, politics and religion.  That has never been a problem for me. 

This afternoon I finally got around to watching a movie that has been in my queue for some time.  It is very interesting, made more so in light of today's world and the fact that a case of genital mutilation is being prosecuted right here in a nearby community.  Here is a clip, but you can watch the full movie on YouTube also.


  1. Yes, thanks Denise. I was aware of a lot of this but it is good to have it brought home to one once again.

  2. This is disgusting! I have heard about it, of course, due to the news but it really needs to be brought out into the open more than just a quick news story. The poor girl without the one side of her nose and the parents who killed their daughter by pouring acid on her because she looked at a boy is reprehensible. I have no problem speaking my mind which, has, at times, got me in trouble. Oh well, we must speak up!

  3. While I'm not afraid to voice an opinion, I've pulled back from Facebook wars just for my own sanity. Almost every day I'm truly appalled by some of the things expressed on social media.

    I was reading about the poor officer who was gunned down in Colorado yesterday, only to see a post from one person saying how awesome this was, and another blaming the shooting on Obama?! You can't get anywhere with people like that. It's exhausting trying, and believe me, I have.

    1. And if it is not Obama's fault it is Hillary's. I am not on Facebook, but I need to stop reading any of the asinine comments that folks make on news' feed sites that do not require a login. I give these women lots of credit for speaking up.

  4. I watched a video on this yesterday. It was about two young sisters. One ran away from home to avoid this, the other stayed. I just can't even imagine. I wonder how MANY cultures practice this.

  5. I am not afraid of voicing my opinion either. I will go watch this video on You Tube. Thanks for sharing.


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