Monday, January 1, 2018

Eight Years and Counting

Last year I started cleaning out my old blog posts.  Several were sent to the trash heap in the sky.  Yesterday I talked about those posts and said I may re-run some of them.  So, this morning I read my very first post from 2010 and thought 'wow, I really am doing the same thing ten years later.'

I am reading more - 84 books last year.  Some great, some just OK.  And that doesn't count the ones I did not bother to finish.

I have actually binged watched some television - thanks to Netflix.  The second season of 'The Crown' has me now waiting for the next installment with a new Queen.  I also said farewell to 'Longmire'.  Netflix brought the series to an end and I will miss it, but loved every minute of it.  I may just read some of the novels the series was based on.

I am still cooking.  I joined Blue Apron two years ago and get meals about twice a month.  I am still enjoying it and it adds variety to my meals.  I love Korean steam buns and had never even heard of them before joining.

So, here is that original post:

I retired on November 21, 2008. I have spent a good deal of the time since then answering the question (now a big pain in the you-know-what): 'So, how do like retirement?' You would think I had either just returned from experiencing an alien abduction or at least had been the first person ever to survive retirement. EVERYBODY wants to hear the answer.

It's retirement. I love it. I can do what I want whenever I want. Or not do it, too.

When I retired, a long-time friend (that's you Debbie) suggested that I start a blog. Yeah, right. Like I had time to do this. Then I would be wondering, just what DID I do last Friday? It was Friday wasn't it?

So, now that my days and adventures all run together, I have decided to write a blog each night about what has occurred during my day. Sounds boring, I know. And I'll probably not even remember half the stuff.

Today was New Year's Day. I made French Onion Soup and Quiche Lorraine. Both recipes straight out of Julia Child's first cookbook. And the first time I ever made any of her recipes. While cooking I also watched 'The Man from Laramie', Criminal Minds, and 'The Last Days'.

Watching TV, movies and cooking from scratch are all things I didn't get to do enough of when I was employed. Ah, living life. C'est bon.


  1. Retirement is Good. Reading and watching TV are sort of passive activities. Writing is better; it adds more to our cognitive abilities. Cooking, too but it also ads to our weight, so I would concentrate on writing, fixing things, learning a foreign language , and everything else that makes us use our brains.

  2. Retirement is wonderful!!! People ask us if we get bored, no, cause I can do whatever I want or as you said I can do nothing. I've never watched Longmire, but I've read all the books and loved them. Interesting idea to go back to when you first started blogging.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the books. I will put them on my TBR list.

  3. I remember choosing your blog to read last April in the AtoZ challenge because of the title! I have 17 months to go before I can retire and I am soaking up anything I can from people like you who have gone before me. I imagine myself doing a lot more reading and writing. Maybe even a little gardening. I'm glad you brought your first post back. I think my first post was about a banana cream pie. Haha!

  4. I think I found your blog through the A to Z challenge. I like what you have to say and how you say it. I'm adding Longmire and the Crown to my list of Netflix series to check out. Happy New Year!

  5. It is fun to look back to see what we talked about and if anything has changed...or not. Even if not much has changed it showswhat we are interested in and why we started. This also shows how we grew as writers and who follow us and like to follow.

  6. I wonder if we all start our blogs with that very same intent... I think I had a big turn around this last year about how I view being "retired." (Perhaps I should say "retreaded?" LOL So glad you never regretted taking the plunge, Denise. You sound so content with your life. It fits you well.

  7. Happy New Year, Denise. Having time to call your own is the best! ☺ It's always interesting to go back and read old posts. Many are definitely worth re-publishing.

  8. I don't have many regrets, but retiring when I did was a big mistake for me. I get bored! I miss the challenge of leadind a team, hitting targets and those nightly after work beers! It suits most - it clearly does you, so make the most of it.

  9. Never really tried any Julia Child recipes. I have one book, not her first. I also get bored - except right now as I am caregiving.


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