Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Political Re-posting

Some of my regular followers may have noticed that I have not written about politics in the last year.  That is nothing new for me as it was never my intention to write a political blog.  Any many of the old posts I did write have since been eliminated from my history.  But as I said, I have been reading old posts and found this one from February 2, 2010 that still seems relevant.  Maybe I can just re-post an old post every day as I 'look back' with a few updates to them.  Watchdogs in this day and age become even more important in an arena of 'fake news is whatever I do not want to believe is true'.

Political Watchdogs

I don't want to write a blog about politics.  I have had enough of that in my career.  I do want to mention 'watchdogs' of politics and politicians.  No, we are never going to agree with all of what individual commentators and critics have to say.

But there is another group out there who truly are 'watchdogs' and often benefit the public trust (and also themselves by winning Pulitzers for doing a good job).  Think Watergate and Kwame Kilpatrick scandals.

Not that I am in that category for sure, but I do know a few things about government.  Recently I criticized what I called an inappropriate, and certainly illegal, expenditure of public funds.   I made my case at a township meeting and went home.  A local paper covered the story.

Then I went off on a short trip.  I came home to find a rather nasty note telling me to 'find a new cause and ...work positively to achieve it.'  Too bad the fellow feels that my cause wasn't worthy while I protested something that was illegal by state statute.

Last night a local Detroit TV station came to my door for a quote.  I missed the airing as I was busy watching CSI:Miami (I tried but the item was over when I switched channels).

My reason for keeping an eye on my local community is the same as was posed to Batman who wondered if he should keep up the fight for good vs evil:  'If not you, who?'

As another friend put it so eloquently yesterday:  The ascension to power does not equate to possessing unquestioned authority!

Your thoughts?


  1. I love that you are pulling out some great posts that stand the test of time. This is a classic example. I have never been comfortable discussing politics because I'm not a good debater. My husband is. I feel he got short-changed in that department with me. However, I am a follower and a good team player. When I feel strongly about something I am all about joining forces with a good leader. I think with politics it is best to set emotions aside and stick to the facts. But nowadays it is hard to know what is truth. You've give me a lot to chew on with this post. Write on!

  2. Ahh yes, when they have no way to show they are not guilty they use threats. What a horrible thing to have gone through but you handled it well. You must be happy to be out of that arena

  3. Counting on you to keep an eye on happenings.

  4. I so agree, Denise! In fact, if there's one thing this political climate has done, it's opened a lot of people's eyes for the first time to the importance of being well informed so we can make good decisions. We must first know what WE think about things. I love that old country western song that says: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything! So true.

  5. When I was in the pub game I had one golden rule - no talk of politics or religion in my bar and I carried that through to my blog which is why I never write about either! However I have to say I admire your stance on local issues - keep up the good work.

  6. I too tend to follow the no politics no religion rule although I must admit Donald Trump is too good to ignore. Especially this my button is bigger than yours comment. I admire you for doing what you can though. Good on ya as they say down under

  7. Good for you! As for that note, just remember that the guiltier they are, the nastier they get.


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