Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Fall 2012

These are photos from five years ago today.  Fall this year looks nothing like this:


  1. Denise, thanks for the memories. I so identify! I'm thinking, though: fall of 2012. That was followed by a harsh winter, at least for us, if I remember correctly. So maybe our almost non existent fall is a good thing? Either that or...I don't want to know yet. But maybe I should rerun some of my 2012 posts! Alana

    1. Wow. I need to go check my 2012 pics and posts from winter.

  2. Beautiful color. Even for 5 years ago!!

  3. Gorgeous pix Denise, I guess we have had too much good weather for great fall colours this year. Certainly here.

  4. These are beautiful and something I am missing this year. I think with the warm weather, the leaves won’t change all that well

  5. Love to see Fall in other areas, so many of the trees ere don't drop their leaves. Your photos are gorgeous


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