Thursday, October 26, 2017

For My West Bloomfield Readers

I have received the following links for use in the future.  These links will provide timely updates to situations in our community.  Some nice photos on the site too if you want to see pics of the water main break.

It is not necessary to have accounts to view this information online.  It is nice to know for future reference.

At Nixle you can sign up for text alerts.  Of course, that means I would have to actually check my phone.  I am more likely to read my email.

Hope this helps.  Now I need to go boil some more water.


  1. Useful for your local readers Denise. They have a traffic/roadworks update site round here too. We really need it.

    1. Our police dispatch have traffic alerts posted. But if I am on the road already, that is useless, lol.


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