Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Another Water Emergency

Believe it or not, Flint's water issues are still in the news with a City Council debating signing a long term contract with Detroit.  But this post is about a water issue closer to home.

When I moved here in 1972,   I had well water.  Within a few years the community wells were abandoned and homes were connected to Detroit's water system.  I've always thought that houses should have been plumbed so that community wells still provided water for outside purposes.  It drives me nuts that I use drinking water on my lawn ( okay, maybe for me it is a short walk).

Anyway, sometime late yesterday afternoon, a 48 inch water main two miles south of me collapsed.  We are on a boil water advisory until Friday.  I can live with that.  What is most aggravating is the seeming inability of anyone to effectively get this information out in a timely manner.

I doubt that the majority of residents around here are watching the local cable info station or going to their website.  Someone commented that if you watch national news stations you do not get this info.  And neither of the city newspapers have anything in today's editions.  You have to go the papers' websites.  Something I am guessing a lot of seniors do not do.

I do not know what the answer is, but I do know that when they are predicting a snow storm that often does not happen, we are inundated as though it were the worse thing to ever happen.  Someone told me that water was being distributed at a local fire station, but I saw nothing about that when I went online or checked cable tv.

I am more informed about the president's latest tweet storm than I am about an issue facing my health.  Sad.


  1. You're right Denise, it is sad. As you say, most senior citizens don't have the internet. It was probably on a local radio station, it would be here if it was a major problem. But how many listen to the radio these days?

    1. Local news radio gave it lots of coverage. But my kids don't listen to that station. Won't have reliable water until Sunday.


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