Monday, December 19, 2016

Time on My Hands

This is something that does not happen very often - I actually I have nothing I need to do for the rest of the day.  Christmas-wise anyway, cause I could always clean out a closet.

I suppose if I were a person who kept a weekly schedule of chores, I would have something that I always did on Mondays - like dust or laundry.  But I do not believe in that kind of regimentation.  I have a  friend who told me that the only women who ever kept those kind of schedules are women who never worked outside the home.  But I didn't have one even when I was a stay-at-home mom for ten years.

But, back to today.  I had three phone calls to make this morning - one to schedule furnace maintenance, one to schedule my car for maintenance, and one to my broker to ask what a letter I received meant - and he had no idea - wonderful.  And that didn't take long.

Then I made up a large tray of cookies for the staff at the spa where I do my yoga.  I meant to take a picture of it - and forgot.  When I got back home after dropping it off, I realized that I forgot to put the chocolate covered apricots on the tray.  Guess I'll have to eat them myself.  While at the hospital I planned to check out the gift store, but it was closed - for maintenance - after a pipe froze on the floor above it and apparently caused quite the mess.  I am still wondering how a pipe freezes in a large hospital?  (it is 13 degrees F here, but still)

Obviously, I do not have Charlie this week - or next.  But I am used to doing my chores on the week-end, so today does not feel like Monday without him.  I did a fair amount of running around this weekend.  My gifts are all wrapped except for one that is being delivered today.  I have the train under the tree, but still have the village to set up.  Charlie will be here Thursday afternoon, so I will put it up after he leaves.

I have one more run to the grocer's to pick up the fixins for the salad.  I surely have forgotten something really important.  Or maybe this is how it works when you start all your Christmas stuff right after Thanksgiving - a first for me.

Christmas cookies 2014 - nope, I did not make this many varieties this year.  As a matter of fact, I only made the molasses cookies from that pic.  Later this week I'll make the lemon drops in the lower left corner.  If I make 20 dozen cookies, I want to eat 20 dozen cookies.


  1. I'm with you. If I bake, I eat it. I try and bake things I don't care for that much. I'll start baking closer to the 24th, that way I won't eat them up.

    1. Most of the cookies are frozen ready to bake. Glad I learned how to do that years ago in culinary class.

  2. LOL, I have that regiment with house cleaning. I'm a work at home mom (but the kids of course are grown and I just developed the habit of a daily routine after they left. I decided I didn't like weekends to do chores, weekends were for play, so every day I would do one chore that last 20-30 minutes, thus freeing up weekend time. The house is never completely clean, but on the other hand, its never completely dirty. For me, it works :)

    Looked like a lovely assortment of cookies from a Christmas past. No cookie baking here now that the gingerbread cookies are done, but have to make a rum cake on Christmas Eve for Christmas dessert.


    1. I work from home too, lol, babysitting Charlie. I put the toys away at night, he takes everything out the next morning - even if he isn't playing with it. That's my regimen.

  3. I didn't get to making Christmas cookies hisyear and feel bad since my mom loves them but I might make them later on in the month...we shall see. This picture of your cookies looks yummy


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