Monday, January 4, 2016

The Year in Review

2015 has been a very good year.

The Blogging Universe:  I completed the A to Z challenge and was able to relive 'My Russian Adventure'.  I also discovered some new and very interesting blogs and bloggers.  I also found myself asking questions about this universe.
1.  Do these internet trolls who comment profusely on some blogs have a day job?  There is one guy on a blog I read and if was my blog I'd block him.  And I'm not the only one who finds him annoying from the comments I read.  What an a--.
2.  I've only had a very few comments in my six years of blogging that I had to delete because they were inappropriate.   Who is commenting on sites where comments wait approval?  I'm OK with that, just wondering.
3.  Why are you asking me for money to support your blog?  It's not like the information isn't available elsewhere.  No, I won't be sending you money.

The Pinterest Universe:  I cleaned up my Pinterest boards.  What a job!
1.  First, for those who tell me they can't look at my pins because they do not have a Pinterest account - guess what?  This is not FB.  You do not need an account.
2.  Most of my more than 4,000 pins are recipes.  If you add 1/2 tsp of 'whatever' to a recipe that you found somewhere else, this is not really an 'adaptation' of said recipe.  I went through all my pins and linked to the original.
3.  If you make a recipe from a site, then change half the ingredients and say it was no good, save your time commenting.  The comment really is not very helpful.
4.  When I pin a recipe, I get a pop-up that tells me it has been also pinned by Jane Doe.  Then I notice she has 3,000 pins on her board.  I am guessing she is only pinning pictures 'cause how would you ever find a recipe?  I try to keep each board with no more than 50 recipes.

The Political Universe - Locally:  Have you noticed that I have not had too much to say about the locals running my community?  That is what makes it a very good year.  Less stress.  And yes, I admit that I smiled when the Board finally told the number one trouble-making department head to 'take a hike'.  I am sure there are more shenanigans in the works, I just do not want to find out what they are, lol.

The Environment in my Backyard:  OK, my kids think my backyard is like a fortress, but no deer damage.  So, the loss of view to the park is worth it.  My former view:
I can have this view now if I open the gate.  And those broken fence rails?  Destroyed by deer jumping over them.  Now I see this:
I also spent the entire summer blogging about the blooms in my garden each week.  I enjoyed it. Maybe next summer I'll take my pics with my tripod.

My Television Watching:
Did someone get killed?  Is there a murder to solve?  That pretty much sums up my TV watching.  I almost never watched TV all the years I was working, but I am making up for lost time.  I've made it to Season 14 of Midsomer Murders.  Of course, I have to watch all these in the evening since my days are spent watching various children's programs.  I know more about dinosaurs now than I ever did before.

My Reading Habits:
These pretty much mirror my TV habits.  Murder anyone?  I read nearly all of the Agatha Christie novels,  Which left little time to read much else.  When I wasn't trying to guess 'who done it', I was reading some non-fiction like 'The Wright Brothers' and 'The Johnstown Flood' by David McCullough and 'The BillionDollar Spy' by David Hoffman.  I enjoyed the return of Lisbeth Salander in 'The Girl in the Spider's Web', but quit reading another book on page 38.  Page 38, really.  I wonder what Patricia Cornwell was drinking when she penned 'Depraved Heart'.  'Turning the blinds versa?'  Give me a break.  (BTW, I have read and enjoyed all of her previous novels, but this was too much blah, blah, blah...)

My Life:
This year will see me traveling to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium in the spring.  For now.  Who knows what the fall may bring.  And I have yet to decide if I will participate in A to Z.  I need to decide soon and pick a topic.  Right now it sounds more like 'work' than 'fun', so we'll see.  Who knows what 2016 has up its sleeve.


  1. Happy New Year, Denise!

    Mabye Internet trolling is their job. Hmm...

    I comment on blogs that use comment moderation. I personally don't moderate my comments because I get too many. I've never received inappropriate comments. Just comments that are spam with links. I don't hesitate to delete those.

    My reading for 2015 was below par. I definitely didn't read as much as I usually do but I hope to change that this year.

    Enjoy your travels! :)

    1. Google asked me to remove a comment because it had a link in it and someone had complained about the link. I really only get spam comments during the A to Z usually. Happy New Year to you.

  2. I have been trying to comment to most of the people I follow but have noticed that it does take up a lot of my time and so I am thinking to limit here and there. I don't have an IPad which makes it more difficult. I did have one rude person on my first A to Z but they can go away:) They did and that was good. Do you have a suitcase big enough for me when you travel this spring? I can hide in it, just poke a couple of holes for me to breathe through. I love Agatha Christie and have read many of her books and Love watching kiddin:)

    1. I don't always comment on blogs I read. It does take up time. My Kindle comes in handy. "The Body in the Suitcase". Sounds like a story.

  3. So far only had the odd spam comment thankfully. Having said that now I have probably opened the gates. I actually can't stand Agatha Christie although she is very popular. I also can't stand Sherlock Holmes. I read a heck of a lot and hardly watch TV at all. Except right now with Downton Abbey which I wouldn't miss for worlds. The only other thing I watch with regularity is Jeopardy.

    1. I am DVRing Downton. Then I will binge watch. Trying not to find out anything before hand, unlike the year that I knew Matthew died before the series even started in the states.

    2. I'll try not to post any spoilers then.

  4. Happy New Year Denise! I use comment moderation on my blog and don't mind going on sites with the same. I had automatic posting for a long time but had to adjust the settings after some annoying spam comments of companies trying to advertise. I enjoyed your year in review. Happy 2016!

    1. I guess I have been lucky or just not attracting the mid-sized out there. I do comment on blogs with moderation and originally did the same until I discovered I wasn't having a problem. Famous last words.

  5. I'm thinking of doing the A to Z this year. I won't be traveling -- was in Japan and Korea last April and I've met some very nice bloggers from it. I've been fortunate with comments. In almost seven years I've only had a dozen that were either annoying or pure spam. I'm with you on mysteries and I'm about to launch a new blog that is all and only about mystery novels. I've been doing some work getting it ready and my first post is next week. Happy and healthy new year!

    1. I was wondering what your new blog would be about. Sounds interesting. I love mysteries but hate writing about what I've read. I look forward to the new blog.


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