Monday, July 13, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Color My World

No words, just pictures.  Welcome to my garden.

Chicago Rosy

Circles - a wonderfully fragrant daylily
Edna Lankart
Frosted Vintage Ruffles
Green Flutter
Love That Pink - which this year is more apricot.  I've read that soil conditions can make the colors vary.  Might be why I have so much trouble trying to figure out what everything is.
Mary Todd
Oriental Ruby.  Also, this daylily has like six different shades of red depending on the lighting.
Pandora's Box
Pink Playmate
Queen Regent
Royal Flair
South Seas
And the real Spanish Beauty.  I found a picture on a French website.  I had thought this was a different daylily.  Guess not.  Now I think that what I had been calling Spanish Beauty is really Sunset Sonata.  I say this because one man's melony pink is another man's orange or apricot.  I chose one of my daylilies and looked up pictures online from nurseries and some of the photos were not at all near the color of others.  So confusing.  Good thing I am not a hybridizer.

                          Astilbe Fanal  (red)                                      Hosta ventricosa - a real purple 

A large bed of dragon's blood sedum fills out a street side planting.

Enjoy your week.


  1. How lovely and enjoy your garden. I especially like that Dragon's blood.

    1. Garden is making me nuts. Stuff blooming a month earlier than supposed to and they are all going wild. I would have thought the last two winters would have hurt, but the plants seem to be growing better than ever.

  2. I am speechless! The colours and beauty that you get to look at every day. You should be proud. I love all the different colours

    1. You? Speechless? I doubt it. But thanks for the comment.

  3. So beautiful Denise! Like Jo, I’m a fan of the dragon’s blood, though I love daylilies too. Having two black thumbs myself, I'm amazed at what you've created. I have to depend on public gardens for my flower fix. Fortunately, there are several nearby.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Public Gardens in Detroit back in the 70's are what got me into this mess, lol.

  4. Almost everything (upstate New York) is doing so well. Hostas and daylilies at peak and the Rose of Sharon starting to kick in. Your yard is fantastic. It's reinforcing my thoughts about daylilies - get rid of other stuff in my small yard and get more daylilies.

    1. I had to clear out a lot to make room for the daylilies. When I look at old planting charts I am amazed at what I no longer have. But I really love those daylilies for summer color.

  5. Wow - that Dragon's Blood sedum is fantastic! I didn't know soil can affect color in Day lilies - very interesting!

    1. Might explain why I can Google photos of a daylily and see so many variations. I know that lighting makes a difference, too.


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