Sunday, March 1, 2015

How I Spend My Retirement

Some of you may be wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks.  Well, I've been tucked away inside my house where it is nice and warm.

Last week-end my oldest son was in town for business so I had the opportunity to have all my boys here for dinner.

Yesterday I had a spa day, a treat for myself in the middle of this very cold weather.

As you know, during the week I am just lolling around baby-sitting.  Here are some pictures from a typical day.

First, there is mirror cleaning:

then drawer cleaning:

and bathroom cleaning (what happens when you forget to close the door):

And after all that work, one is totally exhausted and ready for a nap:

Me?  I'm just watching TV and eating chocolates, lol.


  1. What a tiring day. Love the pictures.

  2. They say, a house with kids in it can never be totally tidy. Your pictures turn that theory on its head.
    Lovely pictures. The little one is certainly busy. I'm sure you're both having loads of fun.

    1. Well, those mirrors are not getting cleaned anytime soon. Just be a waste of time. Fun? Absolutely!!!

  3. Great pics and it reminds me of our cats and dog who do the same things:)

    1. Right. I told my grandson (not that he understands) that if I wanted prints and slobber on my mirrors and windows I'd get a dog. Hopefully, he will not still be doing this in five years.


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