Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Too, Too Cold

The current temperature is minus five Fahrenheit.  With the wind it feels like minus twenty-one.  Of course, I have to take the word of the weather service since I have not been outside yet today.  And at those temperatures, I many not make it out at all.  A good thing I can read my newspaper online, as my print copy is still down at the end of the drive.

The cold is pretty bad, but at least we are not buried in snow as we were last winter.  The same cannot be said for the East Coast.  Do you wonder how much snow they would have if we were not in the clutches of 'global warming'?

Staying in gives me plenty of time for reading.  While reading my newspaper, I couldn't help but notice that the top-selling non-fiction book is about something called the '20/20 diet', which sounds a lot like the Paleo diet, which just happened to be the worst diet of 2014 according to US News and World Report.   No grains, dairy or legumes.  Yuck.

Incidentally, the number ten bestseller is also a dieting book.  If everyone actually followed all of these diets in books that become best sellers, I cannot imagine how we could still have an obesity problem in this country.

Hot tea, a good book and I am in for the rest of the day.  Pardon the cross-hatch of the screen, but I was not going outside to capture this beautiful blue sky.


  1. Beautiful, but glad I live where we seldom get snow. We've had 70's for highs all this past week. But another cold front due in for this upcoming week. I'm ready for spring.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I have guests coming from Texas next week-end. I hope they are prepared for arctic weather. I'll bet us Northerners are more ready for Spring!

  2. Yup we have a high of -16C here and it is snowing. It is really pretty...from the inside:) These diet books are probably bought by thin people already. I have a friend who is too thin, in my books, and she will try all these fad diets. People just need to stay away from all the processed foods, fast food joints and eat & drink less junk. Have everything in moderation as long as you do not have to be on a diet for medical reasons(Diabetics). People go for convenience and the food places are all too happy to comply. We have to organize our life to cook foods so we don't have to during the week if one works. Crock pot is my friend and making a quick meal in 15 minutes is also ideal. I work 5 days a week and have major joint pain and issues so I am exhausted when I come home. I still worked out something to be able to eat. I am also lucky to have my hubby who often cooks. So in that way, I am very lucky. I know someone else who takes one day per month and cooks several meals and then freezes them so they are covered for the month since they both work. Ughh look at me rant. This is a lovely picture you have up and glad you didn't go out

    1. I froze a few servings of the stew I made last Sunday, which my son described as 'fantastic'. Guess I learned how to make stew after all. lol


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