Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Gnashing of Teeth

I admit it.  Though I know better, I am grinding my teeth right now.  And I had only gotten to page three of the newspaper before I walked away and came here to my computer.

First story:  The State of Michigan is already in deficit.  This Governor, who is business's best friend, has allowed lowered thresholds to qualify for business tax credits.  Add to that reduced collection of income taxes, despite socking it to us pensioners, and it looks like another tax hike may be forthcoming.  All of this without more jobs being produced.

Then, following up on the outrage over the arrest of a car-jacker, the woman who was car-jacked has spoken up about how he pointed a gun at her two young grandchildren and forced them out of the car. The criminal, when finally caught by police, is on the ground imploring Jesus to help him?  Folks are outside the police department protesting his treatment by the officers.  Give me a friggin' break.  Since when do the criminals and not the victims get all the sympathy from the public?  They should be in there helping the police to find the drug dealers and crooks in their neighborhoods.   I personally think they should just shoot these morons and not bother with arrest and trial. Gee, my blood pressure has dropped just by sitting here venting.

I finally made it to page three, only to see the Flint emergency manager saying they cannot afford Detroit water despite the fact that the water they are selling their residents is causing skin issues due to contamination.  Really?

Well, I am saved by the arrival of my grandson for the day.  The rest of the news will have to wait until this evening.  Maybe it will be better with a glass of wine.  (I fall asleep after a glass so I won't be able to read too much, lol.)


  1. Not worth reading all that stuff Denise, look what it does to your blood pressure. At least you enjoy your grandson and can relieve the pressure that way.

  2. That is ridiculous about the criminal who goes on his knees and uses Jesus as a way to get out of his criminal ways---i am with you because it is just going nutty out there. I think your grandson is coming at the right time. Enjoy your time with him


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