Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My New Neighbors

I first saw him on Saturday.  I thought he was going to come right through the kitchen window.  What was wrong with this creature?  When I went to the window, I saw the rest of the family.  How many were there?  And where did they come from?  They were so loud and seemed to be everywhere I looked.  I went back to my work and decided to mind my own business.

On Sunday, the same thing occurred.  A neighbor called to ask if I had seen them.  And what were they doing he asked?  He said at least six of them were behind his fence.  He was concerned for his dog and put him inside.  I told him I would try to see what I could find out.

Yesterday, they were back.  I got out my camera.  I needed to photograph this.  Then I saw one stop and I tried to get a close-up.  Yikes.  This was one large and ugly creature.

Turns out they are turkey vultures.  They were around here many moons ago when I first moved to the area, but I have not seen one in at least 30 years.

And here he is sun-bathing:

Bring back the hawks.  These birds are creepy.  Just in time for Halloween I guess.


  1. Well I guess the parents can be called Heckyl and Jeckyl:) That one picture of the bird looking at you with a sideways glance has me thinking that he (or she) is saying "You Talkin To Me?" I have to say, despite the poor pussy cats and small dogs, I am glad to see them back because are they not rare. I know they are not the Condor but I am just wondering?

  2. Yikes! Thanks for the heads-ups.


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