Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Study in Purple

Blooming right now:

Chives.  These spread by seed all over so I have to cut off the flower heads when the blooming ends.

Columbine.  These also spread by seed.  Last year I removed the seed pods, but this year I will let some of them fall and see what I get.

Dutch iris.  Spreads by roots, seeds and magic.  The more I dig up the more I seem to have.

The fading blooms of Jacob's Ladder.  I planted one plant last year and it survived.  I'll buy some more.

Lamium.  I bought three small plants years ago and now it is growing everywhere.  Makes a lovely ground cover.

Pansies.  I so wanted to see something blooming at the end of winter.

Wisteria.  My how beautiful this is this year.  Many, many blooms.

Purple Palace Coral Bells.  It's making a fresh start after something chewed up the new growth.


  1. It's very pretty. I don't know why you grow your chives, but if you want them to use in food I was told you shouldn't let them flower. However, I used to use flowers in my salads, made they unusual and very attractive. I love all these pictures and envy you such a lovely variety.

    1. Most herbs should be picked before flowering for best flavor. New shoots pop up all summer and I grow them mostly for the onion smell that repels some rodents.(but not many, lol). I have heard that the flowers are edible, but have never used them.

    2. Chives, pansies and violets are the ones I have used and eaten. I have even crystalised the last two. They look so pretty on desserts.

  2. You seem to be like me and like the blues and purples-how beautiful!! Ok that is where it ends because where you exceed in a beautiful garden I seem to be the kiss of death-lol I had flowers that were blooming but kind of wimpy and sad then along came my hubby and voila! Flowers. He has forbade me to touch the plants. You really do your garden justice

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