Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Musings on Marriage

It was a week-end of marriage talk.  Last Friday, U.S. District Judge Friedman struck down the same-sex marriage ban in Michigan.  He called it discriminatory.  He is right.

I voted against the proposal to define marriage as a union between only one man and one woman when it was on the ballot in 2004.  I was in the minority.  What I cannot understand is how the majority thought someone else's marriage or lifestyle choices when it comes to family was any of their business.  If they really believe that children need two parents of opposite sexes, then rationally they should outlaw all divorce.  (Oh right, some legislators have talked about that.)

Anyway, on Saturday some state county clerks, including my own county of Oakland, opened their doors to issue marriage licenses and perform ceremonies.  Then, the State stepped in and went to the U.S. Circuit Court of appeals to get a stay.  That ruling is due tomorrow.

One of the things that has irritated me all week-end has been the statements of our Attorney General who says he is only defending the Constitution and the will of the voters.  Well, Mr. Schuette, where were you when the Legislature ran roughshod over the will of the voters who struck down the Emergency Manager law in 2012?  Before the ink was even dry on the certification of the election results, the Legislature was passing a new version of the same law and placing an appropriation in the law so that the voters could never vote on it again.  Where were you then????

Or how about when the Governor pushed through a tax on pensions despite a Constitutional guarantee not to reduce a public pension.  His buddies on the court said that taxing a pension after it is given does not constitute a reduction.  Tell that to the retirees who live on a fixed income, especially those with no social security benefit.

I guess Mr. Schuette and our current Governor have their own agenda.  Whatever it is, it certainly does not agree with any of the issues that I hold important.  And when it comes to the gay-marriage ban, how does this impact me or my family unless it discriminates against any family members?  I've known gays since I was a teenager.  Whether or not they married each other certainly has had no impact on me.  Nor should any State feel threatened by their unions.

I am pretty sure that if these same voters who oppose gay-marriage were given the chance, they would pass a law discriminating against atheists or anyone who isn't a believer of their own faith.  Or those who are of different nationality.  The will of the voters is not always right and should not be defended in every case.  Walk away Mr. Schuette.


  1. Oscar Hammerstein said it best, You've got to be taught. South Pacific.

    Never thought much of politicians either.

  2. Nice to see your smiling face on Rex's blog today, even it was just for the purpose of dissing my puzzle from yesterday! :)

    Hugs and kisses anyway,

  3. Well said! When I figure out how to do this on my mobile, I will follow your blog.


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