Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where Does the Time Go????

Wow!   I can hardly believe so much time has past since I last blogged.  Eleven days.  And I didn't even leave the country.

Well, I have been kinda busy, just not sure what all I was doing.  Shoveling snow is one item.  And more to come this weekend.  Yesterday's paper had a list of the top ten cities in the USA by snowfall.  Four Michigan cities were in the top ten:  Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint and Detroit.  All in a large circle around the area I live in.  Sorry, but having over 70 inches of snow in this area has not been fun at all.

There have also been stories about local communities ticketing people who do not shovel their walkways.  Remind me never to buy an home with a sidewalk in front of it.  If any community wants to have pedestrian paths, they had better figure out how to keep them clean.  I have enough trouble keeping my drive and street access clean.  As one woman pointed out, she clears the sidewalk and then the county snow plow throws the snow right back on top of it.  Amen to that scenario.

Of course our roads are in terrible shape with all the potholes.  And I can't imagine how bad it will be when all this snow actually melts.  Maybe by Memorial Day?  That being said, I had a tire damaged hitting one of the potholes and had to take it in for replacement.  While at the tire store they uncovered some other damage and it needed to be taken care of.  I asked was it covered under my extended warranty and they said 'no'.  I had the work done and paid for it.  When I got home I called the warranty provider who said that 'yes', it is covered'.  He explained that some service providers do not want to bother with a call to find out what is covered.  So now I have to send in my paperwork to receive reimbursement.

To make matters worse, when I went to retrieve my car the door handle was broken.  Now they have to order one to replace it.  They guy tried to assure me it wasn't their fault, but I told them it was perfectly fine when I dropped the car off.  Nuff said!

Yesterday was another frustrating day.  For several weeks I have had an irritation on my back.  Just itched like crazy.  I finally decided to see a dermatologist.  It was like she couldn't care less.  Said that 'if I wanted, I could have her freeze it with liquid nitrogen'.  Well, duh!  Since my only other option was to do nothing, what did she think I was there for?

Then I asked her about some spots on my face that had suddenly appeared and were also itching.  She said to buy some acne medication.  At 67 years I now have acne?  Anyway, when I went to my yoga class I saw the woman who does the skin care at the spa and she took me into her office and removed the little spots.  She said they were probably from sweating and the oils getting trapped under the skin.  Spots no more!

And speaking of yoga, my new favorite move is the standing splits.  No, I cannot get my body completely vertical.  But I do find it very invigorating.  I've posted a couple of pictures on my Pinterest yoga board.
One of these days I'm going to schedule a private yoga class and have my instructor take pictures.  I have no idea what I look like in my poses since yoga studios do not use mirrors.

Today I am off to do some shopping.  It is cold but relatively nice outside.  With more snow on the way, I'll need to stock up on books and food for the weekend.

Enjoy your day wherever you are.

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  1. Sounds like you have had a frustrating time lately. I hear you with snow removal. You have to clear sidewalks here in Canada. It's one of the main delights of living in an apartment. We couldn't cope any more.


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