Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Year Begins

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far.  Perhaps you are like me and live in an area that just keeps getting snowed on.  I'm sick of it already.  Well, still.  And more is expected this week-end.  I've been holed-up here in my home since Tuesday.  So glad I am well-stocked with groceries.  I may stay indoors until spring!

I received several books for Christmas so I have plenty of reading material to keep me busy.  Two books about 'Doctor Who' (plus a license plate that says 'My other car is a TARDIS' and a police box cookie tin).  I also received a 50th Anniversary edition of 'Lord of the Rings'.  I already have an Alan Lee illustrated version.  And since my son noticed that my only copy of 'The Hobbit' was in paperback, I now have a beautiful leather bound edition.  Those came along with a collection of Tolkien's letters from Father Christmas that he sent to his children when they were growing up.

I've been reading Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life on my Kindle.  I've also been reading her complete tales as I go along. 

Since I dragged out every Christmas decoration I own, I decided that I need to clean the storage room in the basement before I return anything back downstairs.  I have bags and boxes of things to throw out in the trash next week.  And another box for the hazardous waste clean-up in the Spring.

I've also been thinking about this blog whilst I was cleaning.  Last year at this time I was debating continuing.  This year I am thinking that blogs with a single focus are more interesting.  My problem is that I cannot just pick one thing.  So, I guess you are stuck with my jumble of gardening, movies, travel, family and whatever else enters my mind. 

I have an idea for a post tomorrow that follows along the line of my most recent post.  And I will be writing about my trip to Europe for the A to Z Challenge in April.  I have given consideration to starting a separate blog to deal with my political views so that my followers who are not in this area need not see what complete fools we elect.  (Though I must say that most of you seem to elect your own special types)

Reading, cleaning, shoveling, and sneaking cookies:

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  1. I enjoy your varied topics, but I support the idea of a separate blog for political views, I am not remotely interested in politics so would hate to have to read about them. I do take some interest in Canadian politics but not very much.


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