Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Blog, or not to Blog...

I haven't been blogging and not because I have not been around my computer.  And not because I have not had anything to say.  Like that would ever stop me.  I just haven't done it and I have no good excuse other than what I have been doing in the meantime.

Since last we met, I have gotten one year older.  Well, not a whole year exactly since it's only been 12 days since I blogged, just that I celebrated another birthday.  I had my kids over for dinner.  I cooked, as usual, because it is what I love to do.  We had polish sausage with sauerkraut cooked German style.  My youngest said if he knew it would taste that good, he would have cast a vote for it for Thanksgiving dinner.   Well, no one did, which is why I cooked it for my birthday.  I wanted to have some and I did not want to eat leftovers for a week.

I had brunch with some friends and got to tell all about my European trip.  Good thing no one asked to see pictures since they are still sitting on the computer, unlabelled.  And then dinner with another friend so we could share European adventure stories since she had just returned from an Italian trip.

Those are the upsides of my last two weeks.  The downside?  There is the freezer that decided to stop freezing.  Not that it is anything new.  Ever since I purchased this unit in 2002 it has been temperamental.  I had a service man out when it was still under warranty who could find nothing wrong.  Of course.  Then several months later it did the same routine again.  It goes into defrost and forgets to click back on.  I try to be diligent.  I turn it off completely and then force the lever to maximum cool and 'voila' it works.  Only last week it didn't.  So I had someone come out again and told him what has been going on for ten years.  He shut it off and jammed the control back on and, guess what, it started running.  He said that the thermostat needed to be replaced and that they rarely go bad.  If there is a one in a million chance of something breaking, it will happen to me.  I should be so lucky with lottery tickets.  Fortunately, I did not lose a lot of food.

I've been going to my yoga classes.  And I've actually done some Christmas shopping and prepped some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have garland on the stairwell and the table is mostly set for next Thursday's dinner.

I also went to look for flooring for the family room, which will now have to wait until after the holidays.  I had one salesman tell me that I should rip out all the carpet and the tile foyer and replace everything with matching hardwood since that is what buyers want.  Well, I am not selling and I happen to like my white carpeting.  I admit that I like to look at rooms with wood floors, but by the time I cover the areas where I have heavy traffic and the sitting area with rugs (what my friends with wood floors recommend doing), I won't be able to see the wood floor. 

I also read two good books in three days.  'White Fire' by Preston and Child and 'Dust' by Patricia Cornwell.  I really could not put either book down once I started reading.

I spent a good part of today walking in the mall.  I am trying to figure out why they need three stores with the same name selling the same product: sunglasses.  This is Michigan.  Today was the first time the sun shown all day in at least a week.

Tomorrow it is yoga again.  And maybe a chance to cut down some of the flowers that have finally succumbed to the cold nights here. 

And will I blog more this week?  Well, BBC America is running 'Doctor Who' all week with the 50th Anniversary Special on Saturday.   So, blogging?  Maybe, maybe not.


  1. Haven't watched Dr. Who since it first started on BBC some 40 odd years ago. Not really sure how long.

    So how do you fix your sauerkraut? I would be interested to know.

    Funny how much time one spends at the doctors as we get somewhat older.

  2. This is quite late in the day, but belated Happy Birthday all the same. I have missed seeing you around and I am glad to know that you have started blogging again.
    You have a singular knack for making the most mundane events come alive in your blog posts.
    Waiting to see your Europe pictures.


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