Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Would You Like some Salt with your Dessert?

Oops.  A big oops.  A really big oops. 

I love mixed berry pie.  I have made several of them.  It is always hard to wait a day for them to completely cool and firm up after baking.  They can be SO tempting.

There is the juice bubbling over the crust, so beautifully colored from the egg wash and the sugar crystals... Oh, just a taste.

So, when my guests said they would be a little later than expected, I decided to try the pie.  Just a slice.

Oh, yuck.  What was wrong with this?  All I could taste was salt!

Duh.  How could I even have made this 'rookie' mistake.  I, for whatever reason, added one OUNCE of salt instead of one-half TEASPOON.   This is like more than six times the amount required.  I should have known just by looking at it that it was wrong.  Where was my common sense????

Such a beautiful pie.  Such an untimely death in the garbage disposal.  Good thing my guests were late.  Had they tasted this I am sure they would have been too nice to point out that something was definitely wrong. 

Well, I didn't need the calories anyway.  I guess. 


  1. Oh, it looked so good but I bet you were so glad you tasted it first.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. I will never live down the year I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and forgot to put in the sugar. In or out, so easy to make a mistake.


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