Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why Retirees Never seem to get Anything Done

Quite awhile back I posted a video of a British woman who never seemed to accomplish anything.  For those who did not see it before, here it is again:

I thought about this video today when I had a similar situation happen to me.  

Yesterday I had workmen at my home which meant that Friday's routine got moved to Saturday.  This will mess me up for the coming week as tomorrow I will probably forget to get the Sunday paper out of the box because I will think 'I went to yoga and ran errands yesterday so it must be Saturday'.  I know this because I have had this happen before. 

Today after running my errands I decided to change clothes and do some yard work.  I went into the bedroom to grab some clothes and cannot even remember why I happened to look in the closet and start sorting through my shoe collection.  Somehow, grabbing a pair of work pants turned into a closet cleaning exercise.

And what an experience it was.  I found four pairs of shoes that were killing my feet while just standing still.  Those will end up at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store on Monday.  Or whatever day I think is Monday.

Then I opened what I thought was a box with a pair of slippers, which is what the label said, only to find that it was a perfectly new pair of gray sandals.  I could have been wearing those sandals this summer.

And speaking of sandals, I discovered seven other pairs in various shades that I had forgotten about. 

That was not the worst of it.  Three pairs of brand new walking shoes.  Now, to be fair, I have a difficult time getting shoes to fit.  I have a wide foot with a narrow heel.  If I find something that feels good, I tend to buy two pairs.  Or three I guess.

Then I discovered nine pairs of very similar casual shoes to wear with slacks.  Nice leather shoes.  Some of then do not look like they have even been worn.

Two pairs of wedges that probably should be donated since they are not my favorite style to wear.  I always feel 'tippy' in them, but you never know when I might want to wear them.

And only two pairs of dressy shoes left after having gotten rid of most of them years ago and pitching the aforementioned shoes, all dressy heels.  One a silver sandal, worn once, and the other a cute black kitten heel, worn once.

So, shoes all sorted.  I did eventually do some garden clean-up.  Unfortunately, most days consist of getting side-tracked.  And lots of times I find myself in a room wondering why I am there.  I'll even walk in here to post my Weight Watcher points online, read my email, read some blogs, and walk out, never having even gone to the WW site.

If I was my employee and was this forgetful, I'd fire my sorry 'you-know-what'.  But I guess that is what retirement is all about: having the luxury to do what you are doing at the moment instead of doing some pre-determined chore not of your choosing.  In retirement, every day can be Saturday.  Enjoy your week-end.


  1. Oh, I definitely have days like that, and I am so afraid to dive into my closet :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. I've been retired a very long time and I don't have nearly that amount of shoes. Sounds to me as if you have a bit of a shoe fetish LOL. As for straying from your intended path, who cares, you haven't got a boss to worry about it. Do what you want to do.

  3. So funny! I definitely see myself in this video. Since the recent move, I've been nothing but sidetracked, and my misplacing things has become epidemic. You'd think decreasing my living space by 3000 sq/ft would make finding things easie, but no.

    I also have a wide foot and narrow heel and buy multiple pairs of shoes when I find a style that fits properly. I thought I was the only one.


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