Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where did they Go?

Followers in Google-world, where did you go? 

Has anyone else noticed that their followers in Blogger have disappeared?  I've checked some of the Google blogs that I follow and they have no followers either.

The widget is there, but then nothing shows up on the screen.  I tried emptying the cache, but that accomplished nothing.

Anyone one know the solution?  (I am thinking government conspiracy.  HAH!)


  1. Nope, not sure what you mean anyway.

  2. Why do you say that, Denise? I checked my blog just now and I can see my followers. And I checked your blog too and your followers are there. I can see my pic too. Why can't you? Must be a conspiracy.

  3. OK. Maybe it is a problem with my computer. Just what I need, another problem.


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