Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mission Accomplished

I've done it.  I'm done.  And I miss looking forward to a new episode. 

What I've done: watched all ten seasons of the BBC drama 'Spooks'.

Except that in America we called this 'MI-5'.  WE are much too politically correct to use the term 'spooks'.  We wouldn't want to upset anyone with our language.  (gag me with a spoon, we advertise all sorts of medications for personal issues on TV, but god forbid we say something that someone might take offense with)

Anyway, I have not been so enthralled with a drama since I watched 'The Wire'.  Granted that it has taken me 18 months to finish all the episodes, but I do have other 'stuff' to do besides sitting in front of the TV.

There was plenty of international intrigue.  There were spies and counter-spies and double agents and... well, sometimes it got so intense I had to turn the sound off.  Not when folks were talking, but they had this heart-pumping background music when there were very tense situations.  I found I had a better chance of surviving if I just watched the action and put the TV on 'mute'.

I especially liked seeing the British view of the United States and our CIA.  We were not always the good guys and their take on us was quite interesting.  The issues were very timely (for the period in which they were written, not when watched by me).

This was an exciting and informative series.  Great actors and characters created.  If you have never seen this, here is the first episode.  You will surely be hooked.


  1. No I've never heard of it, not even from friends in the UK. Will watch the episode later.

  2. I never got to see it, but I know a lot of people who were totally hooked. Another one on my 'to watch' list. :-)


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