Friday, May 24, 2013

Goodbye Spring, Hello Fall?

The thermometer says 38 degrees.  It is May 24 in Southeast Michigan.  What is wrong with this picture?  I turned the furnace on last night and wrapped up in the afghan that I thought I was through with until later this year. 

I recently had a visitor who said if they lived in my home they would spend all day just staring out of the windows.  Well, once I return home from my yoga class, errands, and lunch, I guess I will do just that. 

I still have mulch to spread.  I should be putting the next stage of fertilizer on my lawn.  And it probably needs to be cut again.  But it is too hard to work at gardening when you are bundled up for snow-shoveling.

So, I will enjoy the view from inside, as I did this morning taking these pictures from the doorways  Enjoy the view.

There is a tree house hidden in here.  The dogwood is getting ready to bloom.  It would be nice to sit on the deck and enjoy this...winter coat, hot chocolate, gloves....  Here is the garden path outside the kitchen door, blooming with lily-of-the-valley: 
I could enjoy this from the patio, grilling my dinner, or maybe just sitting inside and gazing out, along with this view of another corner of the yard.

It is supposed to warm up by Sunday.  One can only hope.


  1. Beautiful pictures. We had a glorious week of spring and we seem to have moved directly to humid summer.

  2. Today is cold bur brilliant. Supposed to warm up tomorrow, Sunday.

    Lovely pictures.



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