Friday, March 29, 2013

What are You Retiring From?

Yesterday's news told me that Barbara Walters is retiring on May, 2014..  She is 83 years old.  I just wonder what is taking her so long and why is she waiting?

I only mention this because I received a comment from someone regarding my blog.  I have since removed the rather 'snarky' remark but, essentially, the writer complained that my blog was not about 'retirement'.  They then conceded that it was my blog and I could write what I wanted.  How generous of them.  Their main complaint though was that I had discussed 'politics'.

When we retire from our job, the only thing really changing is that we do not go to work.  Our brains do not suddenly go idle nor do our interests in things change.  Having spent my entire work career in municipal governments and spending 20 of those years as an elected official, I am still going to have a strong interest in politics.

I figure if someone does not want to read a blog about politics, they can skip that day.  Really, is someone going to complain if I post a recipe because they don't cook?

The commenter said they thought my blog was about 'retirement'.  What exactly does that mean I should talk about?  How to use a rocking chair?  How to get discounts at your local restaurant?

Yes, I am retired.  But I am probably more active now than I was ten years ago.  And I don't think there is much about my life that you can call 'retirement' other than the fact that I do not have a job to go to.  And this blog was created to talk about what I am doing in MY retirement, not what you should be doing in yours.

So, what does retirement mean to you?

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