Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sentimental Saturday

Ever get part of a song stuck in your head?  You can remember a few bars, but for whatever reason you just can't pull it all together?  I had just that experience happen to me in the past hour.

I have a huge repertoire of old songs in my head.  Songs from the 40's and 50's mainly.  If I could have had the ideal career it would have been as a lounge singer.  Alas, I was born in the wrong decade, about 20 years too late.  Besides, I don't think I would have been into the starving and sacrifice some great acts have to make to achieve success.

In the old days, I can remember going to work and humming a few bars and asking someone what it was.  Usually I can get it together on my own if I try hard enough, but tonight I took the easy way out. I 'googled' a few lyrics. 

Thank goodness for youtube.  Not only did I find the song, I found several different postings of it.  The song is 'I Can Dream Can't I' by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal.  While the Andrews Sisters version was playing in my head, I am linking to The Carpenters version. 

I always enjoyed The Carpenters, from their rendition of The Beatles 'Ticket to Ride' to the Oscar winning 'We've only Just Begun'.  Karen was taken from us much too early in her life.

If you have time, sit back, listen, enjoy the photos and if you are my age, remember the good old days of our youth.

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