Friday, February 15, 2013

Rice Pudding, Anyone?

I have gotten used to having friends ask me for recipes.  Usually, I can come up with an idea quite quickly, or at least provide one in a relatively short period of time.

Recently, I've provided soup recipes, potato recipes, and at Christmas time, cookie ideas.  But today I was stumped.

A friend from yoga class asked if I had a good recipe for rice pudding.  Sadly, I had to say 'no'.

I love rice pudding.  Right now I have Kozy Shack in my refrigerator.  This stuff is really good!

I have tried many recipes, but have never found one that is rich and creamy.  I mean, how hard can this be?  Rice, milk or cream, and sugar.

I came home and started looking at all the recipes I have collected, including those in cookbooks.  Then I searched Pinterest for 'rice pudding'.  Yikes!

To start with, various recipes call for medium-grain rice, long-grain rice, arborio rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, long-grain but not jasmine or basmati.  Well, I am glad we solved that problem.

Then we have recipes calling for water and milk, milk and half-and-half, milk and cream, etc.  HAH.  Another mystery solved.

While I fully intended to make one of these recipes, I ended up making sausage and peppers with polenta for dinner and having a piece of citrus pound cake that I had in the freezer.  My mind was spinning trying to decide on a rice pudding recipe.

I think I may try one of the recipes this weekend.  I have arborio rice and cream in the house, so I'll likely make whichever recipe uses those ingredients.  I promise to post a picture and the recipe if it turns out to be worth keeping. 

Otherwise, I may have to return to complaining about the cold weather.

Any rice pudding fans with a good recipe?

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