Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Only Sent You Flowers

When I was raising my three sons, there were times I would swear they never heard a word I said.  But I know they did hear some of what I said.  They sure must have been listening when I complained that their father never bought me flowers.  His excuse was that since I grew so many, there was no reason for him to buy me any.  Another reason he is the ex-husband.

Anyway, my sons often buy me flowers.  That is why I have azaleas and orchids blooming right now in this dismal winter. 

I also have this lovely anthurium plant growing on a piece of lava.  It has to be the thirstiest plant I have ever grown.  I need to add water every day, but it has been producing flowers ever since I received it for my birthday in November.

For those of you who love receiving flowers and those who love to give them, here is a delightful song.

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  1. I like getting flowers, but less than I used to. I feel sad when they've faded. Of course, the day they arrive is so much fun!


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