Monday, February 4, 2013

Eating My Words

Just one week ago I wrote that I would no longer be buying cooking magazines or cookbooks.  I am still pinning recipes that I have clipped from publications.  I also found some food magazines in the pantry that appear to have not even been read.  This is truly a work-in-progress.

So, when I arrived at the local library to work a volunteer shift, I told myself I would not even look at the cookbook section.  Instead, I steered myself to the large travel books with the pretty pictures. 

There I saw a book about Oceania Cruises.  It looked very interesting.  I have looked into these cruises and the wonderful meals of Jacques Pepin.  Unfortunately, I have been on two cruises and both experienced bad weather, high seas in the Mediterranean and a hurricane in the Caribbean.

Nevertheless, I sat down with the Oceania book and started flipping the pages.  It turns out it was really a cookbook.  Wonderful recipes of foods served on the ships.  And, of course, I ended up buying the book and adding it to my collection.

Even if I do not make any of the recipes in the book, I already have one idea for serving my next batch of fruity gelato or lemon ice cream.  Doesn't this look delicious?


  1. What a perfect dessert. I've been getting brochures for Oceania cruises and they look great. I'm a cruise fan though I haven't sailed with this line. My dream is to do a cruise to Antarctica next.

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